Over the Edge at ONE DAYTONA - 2021

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Welcome to Over the Edge!

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You've registered to go Over the Edge At ONE DAYTONA, your adrenaline is pumping, you have the date circled on your calendar, but wait, what now? Don't delay, start fundraising today! Before you know it you will have your $1000 raised and be on your way to taking your first step Over the Edge!

Here are some great ideas to get your started...

1.   Create and edit your fundraising page!  (Your registration    confirmation email will help you access your Member Area)  
2.   Send an email out to your friends, family and co-workers  
3.   5 generous friends give you $50 $250
4.  10 of your contacts give you $25 $250
5.   5 friends give you $20 $100
6.   10 more people give you $10 $100
7.   20 coworkers give you $5 $100
8.   Your personal donation of $100 $100
9.   Your company's matching funds of $100
      (better yet, ask if they will match ALL the funds you raise!)
10. Take a deep breath, because you are really going Over the Edge!! Total - $1,000+


Fundraising 101

The #1 reason people give is because they are asked. Don't be shy, the worst someone will do is tell you no, at best, they will give you more than you expected!  Be excited! People will feed off of your enthusiasm.

Know your facts.   Be able to talk about how Easterseals (learn more) and The NASCAR Foundation (learn more) support children with special healthcare needs.  People give because they are asked, because they care and because the person doing the asking is enthusiastic and passionate about their cause.

Fundraising Ideas

  • Building Floor Sponsors and Donations
    Divide the number of floors in the International Motorsports Center building into your minimum amount raised
    • Example: $1000/8 floors, $125 pledge per floor
  • Foot Sponsors
    Same as floors, except use the height of the building in feet
    • Example: $1000/102 feet, ~$10 per foot
  • Corporate Matching/Matching Gifts
    Many companies will match charitable contributions their employees make. See if your company will match your donations or the total funds you raise. If they only match employee giving, get as many of your co-workers to give as possible.
  • Corporate Donations
    Don't forget you can ask area businesses to support you. 
  • Office Campaigns
    You can put together some mini-fundraisers to benefit your cause
    • Bake sale - sell cookies at your desk
    • BBQ fundraiser (charge for lunch or ask for donations)
    • Baskets - keep a donation plate on your desk or in a common area
    • Challenge - have a peer in another department go Over the Edge with you and see who can raise the most money, or whoever raises the most has to go Over the Edge. For execs, challenge other departments or challenge an exec from another company!

So, you are receiving donations for your Over The Edge At ONE DAYTONA site. Great job!! What's next?

If you receive donations via checks, those who make check donations will receive a receipt either electronically or in the mail from Easterseals Northeast Central Florida.

Anyone who makes an online donation will receive a thank you email with their donation amount in the email. They can use that email for tax purposes.


Donation checks should be made payable to:  Easterseals Northeast Central Florida

Mail to:  Easterseals Northeast Central Florida
              ATTN: Over the Edge At ONE DAYTONA
              1219 Dunn Avenue
              Daytona Beach FL 32114

If sponsoring an individual rappeller, please note their name or team name on your correspondence or check.


If you receive cash donations, you may either hold them until the event, or contact Susan Moor at Easterseals at 386-944-7820 or smoor@esnecfl.org to schedule a meeting to drop off donations.

QUESTIONS?  Contact Susan Moor at Easterseals at 386-944-7820 or smoor@esnecfl.org.


About the charities...

Easterseals Northeast Central Florida provides exceptional services, education, outreach, and advocacy so that people living with autism and other disabilities can live, learn, work and play in our communities.  Easterseals’ purpose is to change the way the world defines and views disability by make profound, positive differences in people’s lives every day.

The NASCAR Foundation is a leading charity that works to improve the lives of the children who need it the most in our NASCAR Communities.  We believe every child should have a chance at a healthy life and deserves to get across the finish line.  The NASCAR Foundation is making children’s health and medical needs our top priority.  Through the Speediatrics Children’s Fund, an Initiative of The NASCAR Foundation, we provide much needed health care and assistance to children who need it most so they are able to go full speed ahead in leading happier, healthier lives.


Ok, your adrenaline is pumping and now you are eager to know "what to expect?"  Below are a few additional tips and reminders but, of course, we will check in with you several times prior to event day. 

Check-in: You must arrive 1 hour before your rappel time. Please register in the Daytona 500 Room in the lobby of the International Motorsports Center, One Daytona Boulevard (entrance on north end of building) where a volunteer will greet you. At check-in, you can provide any additional donations you need to meet the $1000 minimum.

Clothes: Wear comfortable and "movable" clothes and sneakers. We will be giving you an event T-shirt. You may wear a costume, and our equipment experts will help with any modifications to ensure your safety.

Safety: Following check-in, you will be briefed and geared up by our experts from Over the Edge USA, and you will then have the opportunity to train using the equipment. After the training rappel, it will be your turn to go “Over the Edge”. Please be assured that Over the Edge USA has taken every safety precaution there is.

Media/Photos: We expect this event to generate a lot of media exposure, so you may see some reporters and cameras. If you would like to have a personal memento of the event, there will be professional photographers on site.

Guests: You may bring guests to watch. Guest will have a special viewing area at the landing zone, but will not be allowed into the staging or registration areas.

QUESTIONS? Contact Susan Moor at Easterseals, 386-944-7820 or email smoor@esnecfl.org.


The #GIVEorGO Challenge is an activity in which individuals who have already signed up to go Over The Edge at ONE DAYTONA challenge 5 people to either join their team and pledge to raise $1,000 and be brave for courageous kids, or donate to their fundraising efforts.

Why is This Challenge Important to Us?

You may be wondering what rappelling down a building has to do with Easterseals NortheastCentral Florida or The NASCAR Foundation. The answer is simple: children with special healthcare needs encounter adversities daily. They demonstrate courage that doesn't come easily. The children we serve are an inspiration! Will you go Over The Edge at ONE DAYTONA and be brave for courageous kids?

How to participate

Participating in the #GIVEorGO Challenge is easy! Just follow the steps below and remember the most important part is to HAVE FUN!

  1. SIGN UP! If you haven't done so already, accept the challenge to be brave for courageous kids and pledge to raise a minimum of $1,000 to rappel off the International Motorsports Center HERE
  2. After signing up, you will be given your own fundraising page to be used as your fundraising personal headquarters!
  3. THE CHALLENGED: Start a list of who you would like to challenge to go Over the Edge. Family, friends, co-workers, celebrities (think local  TV/Radio hosts),professional athletes. Creativity is key!
  4. LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION! Grab a video camera or a cell phone and record a short #GIVEorGO video.

Below are some examples of content to include:

  2. EVENT DETAILS: Example: I am participating in Over The Edge at ONE DAYTONA where I have pledged to raise $1,000 and to be brave for courageous kids and rappel down 102 feet off the International Motorsports Center on November 2nd!
  3. YOUR WHY?: Your personal story of why you are doing this challenge will be key to your fundraising efforts.
  4. THE CHALLENGE: Name 5 people you would like to challenge to go Over The Edge with you. If they are too chicken to GO Over The Edge, ask them to GIVE to your fundraising efforts.
  5. THANKS: Thank your supporters for helping with your fundraising efforts and encourage them to come out to the event and witness you going Over the Edge!
  6. BE YOURSELF: Most importantly, be yourself and have fun! People will feed off your energy and enthusiasm for doing this event and will be more willing to participate or donate!
  7. SHARE, SHARE, SHARE! Once you have successfully created your #GIVEorGO video, be sure to share it on social media and through your email contacts. Tag those who you have challenged so they are able to see your video. DON'T FORGET to include the link to your personal fundraising site that you created so people will have a place that they can donate.

Video Example:

Bev Johnson #GIVEorGO Challenge

Suggested Facebook Posts:

CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! I have accepted the challenge to go Over The Edge at ONE DAYTONA where I am fundraising to rappel down 8 stories off the International Motorsports Center on Saturday, November 2nd! I now challenge (insert 5 names here) to GIVE to my fundraising efforts and help me reach my goal of ($ insert fundraising goal) or GO Over the Edge on my team alongside me! Will I see you at the top? #GIVEorGO #OverTheEdgeDaytona #BeBraveForCourageousKids

I am taking the challenge to help change the lives of children with special healthcare needs! On Saturday, November 2nd, I will be rappelling down 8 stories off the International Motorsports Center for Over the Edge at ONE DAYTONA in support of The NASCAR Foundation and Easterseals Northeast Central Florida, and I need your support! I am challenging (insert 5 names here) to be brave for courageous kids alongside me and either GIVE or GO! Find your BRAVERY and GO Over the Edge with me, or if you are too chicken, GIVE to my fundraising efforts and help me reach my goal! #GIVEorGO #OverTheEdgeDaytona #BeBraveForCourageousKids